IV Hydration Rejuvenation

b-complex, magnesium, b6

While we don’t condone the overconsumption of alcohol, we do  know it happens. Whether you were at a Rockies game, enjoying a night Downtown, or exploring one of Denver’s awesome bars, we get it! If you’re struggling the next morning, don’t let it ruin your entire day! Formerly known as our Hangover IV drip, this IV therapy cocktail is great for recovery of all kinds, from hangovers to high-altitude. Many clients reach for our Recovery IV drip when they have a headache, nausea, or the overall “fogginess” that comes from general dehydration.

b-complex, vitamin c, magnesium

It’s like the old saying goes — “If you think wellness is expensive, try illness.” We like to think of our Health & Wellness IV as a maintenance IV, one that packs a few essentials that help keep your brain and body running smoothly. Think of it as a little tune-up in an IV bag.

Vitamin c, Zinc, Olympia Vita Complex

Designed to help promote your immune system, prevent illness and make you feel better faster after getting sick, this IV kit includes six treatments of premium-quality compounds that can help improve immunity and promote wellness.  Formerly called our Cold & Flu Cocktail, our Immunity IV is for anyone feeling a little run-down. Combined with recommendations from your doctor, our IV Therapy for Cold & Flu may help shorten the duration of an illness while boosting your immune system. There’s a reason doctors tell you to hydrate when you’re sick! Hydration can help flush out your system while replenishing the fluids lost from fighting off an infection.

b-complex, glutathione, magnesium, calcium

This IV cocktail is a favorite with weekend warriors, fitness fans, and athletes of all kinds. With 1 liter of saline inside every one of our IV, any of the Hydrate IV Bar signature cocktails would be great for replenishing the fluids lost during a workout. But, as a bonus, the power-packed nutrient combo in this bag has been known to aid endurance, boost stamina and accelerate muscle recovery. $149

b-complex, glutathione, magnesium, vitamin c

Skin care’s best kept secret is in a bag, not a bottle! Did you know that many skin insecurities — from wrinkles to dry skin — have been known to improve with proper hydration? Glow from the inside out with one of the most comprehensive drips that we offer. The ingredients inside the Anti-Aging Cocktail are great for hair, skin, and nails, but they also can assist with mood regulation, immunity and nerve and muscle function.